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Therapy supporting adults & adolescents with anxiety, trauma, and emotional abuse/neglect.

Offering online (PA) and in-person individual therapy in Lafayette Hill, PA

Welcome... I'm glad you're here.


Hi!  I'm Lauren (she/her).  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) specializing  in treating anxiety, trauma, C-PTSD, and emotional abuse/neglect. 


My approach to therapy allows me to see the whole individual and views historically "problematic" or "shameful" thoughts, emotions, and behaviors as incredibly adaptive responses to stressors that we have experienced or continue to experience to help us get through tough times.


Oftentimes, my clients make the decision to come to therapy when these beliefs and behaviors are no longer adaptive, and instead lead to shame spirals, negative and anxious thinking, difficulty trusting others or self, emotional overwhelm, numbing out behaviors, issues with self-esteem, perfectionism, anger, or sadness that negatively impact relationships with others and ourselves.


Together, we will gain insight into your experiences, heal wounded parts, and access your natural strengths and resources to provide you with relief.  Through our work together, you will adopt new and positive beliefs about yourself and learn more effective coping skills to take on life's challenges.


Lauren Heffler (she/her), M.Ed., LPC

I offer in-person therapy in Lafayette Hill, PA or we can meet virtually if you are in the state of Pennsylvania


I specialize in working with:


"We don't have to do

it all alone.

We weren't meant to."

Brené Brown

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