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Therapy supporting adults & adolescents with anxiety, trauma, and emotional abuse/neglect.

Offering online individual therapy in Pennsylvania

Welcome... I'm glad you're here.

We have been taught in life to just keep putting one foot in front of the other and wear a brave face.  But on the inside, we may be struggling to get through the day and know deep down that things are not "okay".  The reality is that life can feel overwhelming and unmanageable at times.  In an effort to keep it all together, we may experience negative and anxious thinking, emotional overwhelm, issues with self-esteem, perfectionism, and anger or sadness that ultimately impact our relationship with those around us and our ability to fully connect with ourselves.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I'm here to support you with developing healthy coping skills to take on life's challenges while accessing your natural strengths and resources.

I specialize in treating anxiety, trauma, and emotional abuse/neglect.  I would love to connect with you to see if I may be the right fit for your needs!

Lauren Heffler, M.Ed., LPC

I specialize in treating:


"We don't have to do

it all alone.

We weren't meant to."

Brené Brown

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